DangerBird is anchored by our drummer, Jim Sturdevant.  

Jim got his first drum kit when he was 10 years old, played with a Warren, PA high school band, took lessons from local jazz great Floyd Williams of Count Basie fame, and also gigged with DangerBird guitarist, Laith Wardi, in a three-piece original rock band that played the regional bar circuit in the early 80's.  

Sturdevant moved to Boston in the mid 80’s to attend Berklee College of Music where he worked with a myriad of industry professionals and soon to be music stars. Upon receiving his performance degree, Jim cruised onto the Boston music scene playing first with super-booked, party band THE VEX, and later as a free-lance drummer with Boston reggae staples JAH SPIRIT. From there his list of band credits revs up and includes blues bands FLIGHT 505, JAMES MONTGOMERY, JOHNNY HOY AND THE BLUE FISH, and CHANCE AND THE CRASHERS, rhythm and blues favorites THE WRECKING CREW, and also heavy rockers ELEPHANT HIPS, as well as British invasion retro-rockers THE WAYBACKS. Jim’s biggest and most notable project, however, was his six-year stint as the rhythm motor under the hood of THE HEAVY METAL HORNS, a 10-piece, brass-driven funk band which toured nationally, recorded two CDs, and won numerous Boston Music Awards and endorsements from Budweiser and Converse Sneakers. Jim also secured his own endorsements from industry giants Zildjian, and Vic Firth. Later Jim returned to free-lancing, playing with notable rhythm and blues singers SWEET ROY JONES, TINY TAVARES, and K.D. BELL with whom he recorded a CD, and also as percussionist in Martha’s Vineyard 's World Beat band ENTRAIN.

Since returning to Warren in 2008 Jim has kept the drum cylinders warm by playing in a number of bands including the Elektra Kings and The Probables.  
DangerBird is comprised of SturdevantWardi and Smackdab bassist, Ryan Ecklund.   Earl Irving from Buffalo's very own Heavenly Chillbillies handles bass duties once in a while.  


We've been fortunate to play music and hang out with some great musicians from all over Northwest Pennsylvania, Southern Tier, New York and beyond.  

Here is a list of our friends who have played music with DangerBird.     

Bass Guitar-
Jim Barton
Ryan Ecklund (Smackdab)
Earl Irving (Heavenly Chillbillies)
Tim Morrison
Gavin Paterniti (Cold Lazarus)
Tim Reed (Refuge)
Henry Wightman
Kevin Wilson

Bart (Yoda) Green
Mike Key (Refuge)
Sean Seth (RiffRiders)
Doug (Woody) Wood

Jim Cheronis
Otis James (RiffRiders)
Matt Maloof
"Rodeo Pete"
Danny Shanahan

Harry (Dr.) Pepper (Jim Donovan and the Sun King Warriors)
Doug Fain (Day Old Soup)
“Loony Larry”
Alex Wardi

Steve Chapel
Brian LeMeur

Uncle Claud (Uncle Claud's Band)

Jen Robinson (Ruckus)
Dean Wells